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Philips Foundation – supporting the fight against COVID-19

More than ever, the Philips Foundation is striving to help provide access to critical care for those most in need, by leveraging Philips' expertise, innovative products and solutions.


Check out our interactive map to find out where and how the Foundation is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. A grasp of the many initiatives the Foundation is currently working on:



Hospital relief – A coalition consisting of Philips Foundation, AFAS Foundation and Noaber Foundation procured and made available five temporary 20-bed hospitals for areas most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, Lebanon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The extra capacity can be used to relieve the pressure on hospitals contending with the influx of patients, both with COVID-19 and other conditions. The tents will follow the emergency hot spots. Read more


Disaster relief – Philips Foundation provided a financial contribution for the global COVID-19 response of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The program provides life-saving support to vulnerable people affected by war and violence, many of whom are even more vulnerable due to the pandemic. The ICRC’s response program includes medical support in hospitals and clinics, as well as provision of vital health infrastructure. Read more


African continent


Information – Essential Medicine Guidance provides over 30,000 African healthcare professionals with comprehensive, locally relevant and trusted information about medicine and treatment through a mobile reference and learning platform. The Philips Foundation will support EMG with the creation and deployment of dedicated country-specific COVID-19 modules in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.


Data management – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philips Foundation is teaming up with GO FAIR Foundation and Kampala International University to enable distributed access to critical data needed from Africa to fight and contain the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the globe. Read more




Supply support – The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the deep socioeconomic fault lines existing in Latin America. In a continuous effort to fight COVID-19, Philips Foundation is expanding its support by teaming up with Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores in Buenos Aires by granting emergency medical and personal protection equipment. Read more




Supply support – In Brazil, the Philips Foundation worked with Fundação Faculdade de Medicina da USP to procure and hand over personal protective equipment to primary health care workers alongside the installment  of emergency equipment in an effort to combat the coronavirus in São Paulo. Read more




Supply support – To address the COVID-19 emergency in remote parts of Chile, Philips Foundation will support Desafío Levantemos Chile Foundation to help underserved communities in remote areas by providing point-of-care ultrasound solutions, emergency kits and medical attention through mobile clinics. Read more




Supply support – Philips Foundation sent a significant amount of diagnostic, monitoring and protective products to the Thunder God Mountain Hospital emergency hospital in Wuhan. This included an Incisive 64 CT scanner, ultrasound solutions, ventilators and patient monitors. Read more


Czech Republic


Supply support – With the spread of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic at it’s peak and many hospitals reaching their maximum capacity, Philips Foundation has teamed up with Kapka naděje and donated ventilators to 5 hospitals in the hardest hit places in the country. Training has been delivered by Philips Respironics experts and continuous support will be provided locally by Philips Czech Republic.




Hospital relief – Philips Foundation will provide mobile ultrasound equipment and expertise as well as funding for personal protective equipment and lab testing to increase the COVID-19 response capacity of 4 hospitals run by the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, which is committed to improve access to care and quality of life for those who are not covered by public or private healthcare. Read more




Supply support – To support the most vulnerable people in France during the COVID-19 crisis, Philips Foundation is teaming up with the French Red Cross to help the homeless, refugees, elderly and children in shelter facilities by donating medical equipment, personal protective equipment and essential consumer products. Read more




Emergency aid – Philips Foundation is contributing to the emergency measures announced by state governments to support the testing of suspected cases, coronavirus treatment in identified hospitals, and ensuring the safety of healthcare workers. In addition, we will help support vulnerable communities whose livelihood has been impacted. Read more


Hospital relief – Together with Prosus and Johnson & Johnson, we provided over 800 ventilators to Indian public hospitals in regions most affected by COVID-19. The ventilators will enable public hospitals to respond to the acute need for critical medical equipment, help frontline healthcare workers provide non-invasive and invasive ventilation to COVID-19 patients in distress, and help prevent the loss of precious lives now and in the future. Read more




Supply support – As a response to support proactive measures and improving access to care during the pandemic in Indonesia, the Philips Foundation and Philips Indonesia combine their support by providing ultrasound technology through the Indonesian Red Cross Society as a first-line diagnostic tool for medical professionals and testing kits for the people who live in the red zone areas. Read more


Hospital relief – As community care in many places in Indonesia is overburdened by the influx of COVID-19 cases, Philips Foundation and local non-profit organization CISDI provided emergency assistance in the form of 126 oxygen concentrators to COVID-19 reception centres in West Java. Read more




Supply support – To support hospitals in dire need in Isreal with the surge of patient inflow in the wake of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Philips Foundation is teaming up with HealthIL, part of the Isreal Innovation Institute, to provide point-of-care ultrasound solutions for immediate diagnosis of patients. 




Emergency aid – Financial aid to Italy’s Civil Protection organization for the purchase of personal protective equipment and medical devices, and to Italian humanitarian NGO Cesvi in support of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo. Read more


Hospital relief – Handover of two mobile care isolation units to the Italian Red Cross to assist COVID-19 patients, destined for Sardinia and Lombardy to relieve pressure on local health facilities. Each modular unit offers 20 beds for the isolation and care of patients affected by the coronavirus. Read more




Information – Philips Foundation, in partnership with the government of Kenya, has built a chatbot integrated into WhatsApp to help the people of Kenya find reliable, trustworthy information about COVID-19. Read more


Testing – Philips Foundation made an immediate loan available to social enterprise Sagitarix, to procure screening equipment for rapid testing for coronavirus at the Check-Ups primary care clinic at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya. Read more


Community support – Philips Foundation contributes to a program by community-based organization AMEN that sustains uptake of maternal and child health services in the remote areas of Marsabit, Kenya. With the support, AMEN will be able to build the capacity of the health and community workers to educate communities to maintain health-seeking behavior, dispel misinformation, and adopt preventive measures to reduce COVID-19 infection risk. The best practices and learnings will be promoted in other counties and regions. Read more


Knowledge sharing – In addition to an existing collaboration, Philips Foundation is providing access to Philips technology to Kilifi County and Aga Khan University, for the implementation of health-seeking behavioral change through access to ultrasound for pregnant women. The hospital in Kilifi will additionally receive fetal monitoring devices, to ensure safe delivery by pregnant COVID-19-positive women, who need to be monitored even more closely during the pandemic. Read more




Supply support  Philips Foundation together with Philips Middle East provided medical equipment to the Lebanese Red Cross towards the prevention, monitoring and treatment of conditions caused by COVID-19. The donated equipment is an answer to the critical need to address healthcare challenges in the most affected regions in Lebanon. Read more


Hospital support – While the country faced an exponential number of COVID-19 cases and a shortage of oxygen hospitals, with a deteriorating economic situation, Philips Foundation provided oxygen concentrators to Sesobel to help hospitals to create more ventilation wards and improve access to oxygen for patients who cannot afford it.




Emergency relief – Philips Foundation will provide ultrasound devices to the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, located in the center of Mexico’s COVID-19 outbreak. In able to detect lung abnormalities caused by the virus using ultrasound, local health workers are trained with the help of Philips expertise. Read more




Face masks – In response to the shortage of medical face masks in the Netherlands, the Philips Foundation provided a loan Refugee Company, to enable the set up of protective face mask manufacturing site, to accelerate production. The other advantage is that the (former) refugees experience the set up of a production factory, adding to their work experience. The aim is to produce 100,000 masks per day. A significant amount of the production, carried out by social enterprise Mondmaskerfabriek, will be made available for refugee camps bordering Europe. Read more


Procurement – Philips Foundation has awarded a start-up grant to Solvoz BV and AidInnov Foundation. The aim is to scale an ambitious international open platform for a faster and more efficient procurement of humanitarian equipment and medical products from all over the world, for developing countries and crisis situations, depending on emergency aid while suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more


Elderly care – In a concerted effort to help tackle loneliness and social isolation among the elderly and people with severe psychiatric disorders during the COVID-19 crisis, Philips Foundation is teaming up with Archipel Zorggroep, Vitalis Zorggroep, GGzE and Samen voor Eindhoven. To improve the wellbeing of residents of home care facilities around Eindhoven, Philips employees volunteer in alternative daytime programs and through the donation of tablets and care robots. Read more


Financial aid – The Philips Foundation is teaming up with ZWiC Foundation in their effort to create a fund to ensure care providers on the COVID-19 front line and their families, receive additional financial contribution if they are affected by the virus. Read more




Hospital relief – Peru is one of the hardest-hit countries by the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin-America. With the virus spreading into remote territories across the Amazon and mortality rates increasing, Philips Foundation is supporting the isolated Regional Hospital of Loreto with medical equipment to help the collective medical effort to fight this disease and head off a catastrophe. Read more




Emergency aid – Philips Foundation joined the Red Cross movement in Portugal to reduce the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, by supporting the construction of hospitals and homeless support infrastructures, as well as the distribution of blankets and essential goods kits. Read more




Supply support – Through the Philips Foundation, local humanitarian organization Children’s Heart Association can provide Romanian hospitals with medical equipment to treat people with COVID-19 and supply essential tools to prevent people from being infected. Read more




Hospital relief – To address the dire situation caused by COVID-19 in hard-to-reach districts in Russia, Philips Foundation together with NGO Rusfond Lumify delivered equipment, including tele-medical solutions, to hospitals in the Samarskaya region and the Republic of Buriatia to support small medical posts and ambulance services.




Emergency aid – Philips Foundation supports the ‘Red Cross Responds’ program in Spain to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide access to quality medical care for the most disadvantaged communities. Read more


South Africa


Data management – Delft Imaging has developed an AI-based software solution, that can triage COVID-19 cases from images taken by X-ray or CT. The software can automatically indicate the degree of severity in the lungs and the progression of COVID-19, which lab tests cannot indicate just as accurately and at the same speed. Philips Foundation supports the deployment of the method at 14 hospitals in South Africa and will leverage expertise participation from Philips employees in the market. Read more 




Hospital relief – With the increase in COVID-19 fatalities often caused by a growing shortage of beds in health facilities in Thailand, the Philips Foundation is provides essential medical equipment to newly constructed field hospitals to curb the outbreak and treat COVID-19 patients free of charge. 




Supply support – Philips Foundation has donated mobile ultrasound devices to local emergency services in hospitals through the Turkey Society of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound. The devices can be used in a variety of environments, including emergency services such as ambulances and makeshift hospitals, to detect and monitor disease progression, by scanning for lung abnormalities consistent with COVID-19 imaging markers, or possible cardiac complications. Read more


United States


Impact study – In a concerted research effort on how to manage mental and physical health of vulnerable populations with severe mental illness during significant calamities such as COVID-19, Philips Foundation supports a study by the not-for-profit Mongan Insitute, Harvard Medical School and Dartmouth University, on the effectiveness of mental support telehealth solutions.  


Supply support – Philips Foundation is supporting global humanitarian organization MedShare in providing supplies to clinics and shelters in underserved communities in the US. Read more




Hospital relief – In the face of a new wave of COVID-19 infections, Philips Foundation has provided 50 patient monitors to the hardest-hit local health facilities in Vietnam – which were already facing budgetary and operational difficulties – to monitor patients infected with the virus.

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