Providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities

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Founded on the belief that innovation and collaboration can help solve some of the world’s toughest healthcare challenges for the underserved and make essential impact, we are...

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"Access to healthcare is a key driver of sustainable socio-economic development in disadvantaged communities."


Ronald de Jong

Chairman of the Philips Foundation

Philips Foundation Annual Report 2019

2019 outlines a year of substantial progress in providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities, capturing many of the activities that aim to achieve lasting change in local healthcare systems.


With more than 200 projects running or successfully completed, more than 5 million additional people gained access to one or more health services.

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The Philips Foundation fulfills its mission by deploying Philips’ expertise, innovative products and solutions, and by collaborating with key partners around the world.


If you have questions about our work or inquiries that can contribute to our mission to improve access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities, feel free to contact us.