Strengthening emergency care in Turkey and Lebanon in joint hands with local NGOs

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Jun 24, 2020
By the Philips Foundation team
Philips Foundation, in collaboration with Philips Middle East and Turkey, is supporting the Lebanese Red Cross in Lebanon and the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey in Turkey in their fight against COVID-19. By providing mobile ultrasound devices, health workers at local emergency services are equipped to provide immediate care to patients suspected of having contracted the coronavirus.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Philips Foundation, together with Philips Middle East and Turkey, will provide medical equipment to the Lebanese Red Cross and Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey to support the prevention, monitoring and treatment of conditions caused by COVID-19 in the most affected regions in Lebanon and Turkey.


The contributions will allow humanitarian organizations in both Turkey and Lebanon to equip healthcare facilities and services with essential medical equipment, such as mobile ultrasound. Ultrasound devices can be used in a variety of environments, including emergency services such as ambulances and makeshift hospitals, to detect and monitor disease progression – by scanning for lung abnormalities consistent with COVID-19 imaging markers – or possible cardiac complications.


“At Philips, as a health technology company,  we see ourselves as a partner, supporting health systems and improve people’s lives,” said Ozlem Fidanci, CEO of Middle East and Turkey, Philips. “Together with the Philips Foundation, we are making an important contribution in the fight against COVID-19 in Lebanon and Turkey. We believe collaboration with local humanitarian organizations in both countries will benefit communities in accelerating access to critical care for the people who need it the most,’’ she added.

Pulling together with Philips Middle East and Philips Foundation to make an impact is vital in these unprecedented times.
Georges Kettaneh
Secretary-General of the Lebanese Red Cross

The critical medical equipment provided will help primary healthcare workers to quickly monitor the influx of patients who have contracted the virus and provide them with faster and better care. It is for this reason that the equipment will go to emergency facilities and services in both countries to strengthen response mechanisms and tackle the COVID-19 crisis where it is most effective.


“Pulling together with Philips and Philips Foundation to make an impact is vital in these unprecedented times,” says Georges Kettaneh, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Red Cross. “We have always aimed to improve health, prevent disease, and alleviate the suffering of all people through rehabilitation and solidarity programs. We are grateful to the Philips Foundation and Philips for supporting us and helping us continue our mission.’’


Just as the rest of the world, we stand shoulder to shoulder with healthcare professionals in combating COVID-19 in Turkey. We are aware that human resources and technical facilities differ from hospital to hospital.” Assoc. Prof. Bülent Erbil, General Secretary of Turkey Society of Emergency Medicine, said. “The technological medical device donations by the Philips Foundation and Philips are of vital importance at this point. I really appreciate the assistance provided to the emergency services of hospitals by the Philips Foundation and Philips.”

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