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Philips Foundation supports the people of Ukraine

Last updated: September 27, 2022


The situation in Ukraine, and on its borders, has created an emergency that requires support from all over the world. Together with Philips, international organizations and local partners, Philips Foundation is working on getting medical equipment, field hospitals, mother and child care products and medical support to those most in need.


This page contains the most recent updates on activities that Philips Foundation is undertaking to support the people of Ukraine. Philips Foundation’s mission is to provide lasting access to healthcare to underserved communities, as well as disaster relief in times of crisis.

Initial statement

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Philips Foundation and Philips provide support for the people of Ukraine


Non-profit organization Philips Foundation and health technology company Philips are providing support to help address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and at its borders.


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It is devastating to see the impact of the war on the people of Ukraine. Countless Ukrainian families have been displaced and – as a consequence – do not even have access to basic healthcare. That is why the Philips Foundation, together with local partners, is working tirelessly to provide emergency assistance in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Margot Cooijmans

Director of the Philips Foundation

Philips Foundation and Philips respond to the unfolding humanitarian crisis and helps Ukrainians with medical and financial aid where needed

Working closely with Philips Ukraine – Philips Foundation has been working closely with Philips employees in Ukraine since the start of the war. Thanks to reactive and proactive support from Philips Ukraine, in cooperation with the Philips Foundation, local humanitarian institutions, such as Ukraine’s territorial defense units, doctors and maternity clinics, now have access to much-needed medical supplies for mothers and children.


Hospital relief – Philips Foundation provides a 20-bed mobile hospital in Ukraine equipped with Philips’ patient monitors, electrocardiographs, and handheld diagnostic ultrasound devices, and other resources, such as furniture and technical equipment, for the operation of the temporary hospital. The hospital delivered to Ukraine in close cooperation with Belgian non-profit organization NGO Flame, will soon be installed in the heavily impacted region of northern Ukraine. In the coming year, Philips and the Philips Foundation will continue to ensure that the medical equipment is maintained, and the supply of critical resources will continue to arrive.


Support for acute and emergency care in Poland – In addition to the installation of a mobile hospital in Ukraine, Philips Foundation is working with Philips’ teams in Poland and Romania, as well as humanitarian organizations with a local presence, such as the Red Cross. Philips Foundation provided 65 patient monitors to assist health professionals on the ground in both Poland and Ukraine. The Red Cross in Poland received 30 of these monitors, along with Philips handheld diagnostic ultrasound equipment to provide acute and emergency care where needed, as determined by the local emergency services. Governmental organizations in Poland also received 35 patient monitors for healthcare assistance. Philips Poland provided 15K of maternal and child care units to the Polish Red Cross. In addition, Philips Poland employees organized a collection of necessary items such as clothing, cleaning and personal care products, and food, and distributed them to Ukrainian families arriving in Poland.


Financial support and supplies for displaced Ukrainian citizens in Romania – Philips Foundation and Philips teamed up with the Red Cross in Romania to provide financial assistance to displaced Ukrainian citizens at the Romanian and Polish borders. The outreach provided support with Philips maternal and child care products, respiratory care products, and handheld ultrasound devices to be used at dedicated medical tents installed by partner organizations, which are already working 24/7.


Healthcare products to Czech Republic – Philips Foundation and the Red Cross in the Czech Republic worked together to bring personal and maternal health products, such as breast pumps, feeding bottles and hair dryers, to the city of Prague where most Ukrainian refugees have arrived.


United Business for Ukraine report: The United Business for Ukraine report was presented to the United Nations 77th General Assembly on September 21st. The report includes an overview of case studies on how public and private organizations have been supporting the people of Ukraine. We feel humbled that alongside Philips and other industry leading-organizations, Philips Foundation's efforts to provide medical and humanitarian support in Ukraine and neighboring countries have been recognized in the latest UN Global Compact Network Poland report (pages 144 - 145).


Donation program – Philips employees can donate via the Philips Foundation to help provide humanitarian relief to people in Ukraine and at its borders. The fund is open to donations from family and friends of Philips employees, as well as partner organizations of both Philips and the Philips Foundation. All donations received will go directly to initiatives that provide immediate relief to people in Ukraine and help alleviate the situation at the country’s borders. As of August 25, more than EUR 360,000 has been donated, mainly by Philips employees. Philips will match all contributions from Philips employees*. If you would like to donate to the Philips Foundation to do even more, visit this page.


*All funds made available by the Philips Foundation and received through the donation platform have largely been spent on the aforementioned initiatives. Any funds that are still coming in will be needed to keep current initiatives running. 

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