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Philips Foundation webinar series on strengthening healthcare access


Entrepreneurial digital health models to increase access
to quality care

December 2021, Philips Foundation hosted its third webinar of a series on strengthening access to quality healthcare for underserved communities. In this webinar, we will bring together social entrepreneurs who leverage digital health initiatives to solve access to healthcare challenges and seek to combine health outcome benefits with sustainable models to scale their solutions.




You will hear from experts on how digitization of healthcare and social entrepreneurship can be the driving forces in providing access to quality care to underserved communities around the world.


You can watch the recording, or read our editorial we will publish later on, based on the discussions that took place during the webinar.

Background information


Digital technologies and data offer enormous opportunities to transform health systems for better outcomes and improved access. Bringing quality healthcare services to hard to reach areas; improving access of health workers and communities to health information; and achieving cost savings and efficiency of care, are all hailed as elements of digital health that can contribute to the attainment of universal health coverage.

However, the digital transformation of healthcare is still in its early stages and has a broad scope, resulting in fragmented landscape of scattered initiatives with few having achieved sustainable impact at scale. 

Philips Foundation believes that social entrepreneurs who strive to combine societal impact with scalable, self-supporting business models can be important drivers of change. In our program, we collaborate with a number of social enterprises to accelerate the development of digital health interventions that have great potential to reach significant impact.

In this webinar, we delved into this topic with social entrepreneurs who are exploring solutions along two lines:

  • Digital solutions for improved primary care and referral outcomes
  • Solutions and scalable models based on digital information sharing

Confirmed speakers



Dr. ck Andrade
Portfolio Marketing Leader Health Tech at Royal Philips


Guest speaker
Claire Barnhoorn   

Founder of Solvoz


Guest speaker
Marcos Lacayo Bosche
Founder of Estación Vital


Guest speaker
Mohammed Dalwai
Co-founder of EMGuidance


Guest speaker
Nicolaas Moens
Director at AfyaPro


Guest speaker
Rama Siva
Chief Product Officer at Penda Health

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You are about to visit a Philips global content page


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