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Philips Foundation webinar series on strengthening healthcare access


Bridging the digital divide
Transforming access to healthcare through digital technologies and AI

February 2024, Philips Foundation, together with Philips businesses and key strategic partners, hosted a panel discussion to explore the role and integration of digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of healthcare delivery. The panel delved into how these technologies are transforming the healthcare sector, specifically focusing on their impact on patient care, diagnosis, and treatment processes in lower-resource settings.


Emphasis was placed on discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization and AI in healthcare, aiming to provide insights into future trends and potential developments in this rapidly evolving field.


To gain more insight into our approach in deploying innovations of Philips and the social entrepreneurs we support, you can view previous editions from our series.




You'll learn about the efforts of Philips and our partner organizations, who have pioneered and applied innovations proven to improve access to care, increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes and revolutionize care delivery in low-resource settings.


You can watch the recording, or read our editorial we will publish later on, based on the discussions that took place during the webinar.

Background information


Digital technologies have the potential to improve access to care, especially in underserved communities. Integration of digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in the delivery of care has been shown to improve access to care, enhance efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and transform how care is delivered. 


In recent years there has been enhanced use of digital technologies in healthcare, with the increase in usage of digital solutions such as telehealth for improved access and continuity of care. And according to Harvard Business Review, the telehealth era might be just beginning.


More recently AI is transforming the delivery of care. For example, AI chatbots are being used to optimize patient engagement and improve efficiency in patient engagement while AI algorithms are being used in medical imaging to improve image acquisition and interpretation. However, for these innovations to scale there is a need to overcome barriers in health regulation, data security and privacy, trust by providers and patients, and technological barriers such as internet connectivity. 


Philips Foundation has a mission to provide access to quality healthcare for 100 million people a year in underserved communities by 2030. Digital and technological innovation is one of the key pillars of the Philips Foundation that will enable improvements in access to care in underserved communities.  In this webinar, we aim to share learnings on innovative digital solutions that integrate artificial intelligence to improve access to care in underserved communities.

Our partners discussed digital health innovations, lessons learned, and best practices on sustainable scaling of digital health solutions for improving access to healthcare. The webinar addressed the topic as follows:


  1. Improving access to ultrasound services through point-of-care ultrasound and AI. Here, the speakers will provide an overview of solutions aimed at improving access to ultrasound services through AI-empowered ultrasonography.
  2. Expanding access to medical care through AI solutions. The speakers will highlight AI-enabled solutions that are enabling improved access to cardiac monitoring and expanding access to medical imaging.
  3. Discuss the opportunities, lessons learned, and best practices that can inform the design and scale of digital technology to improve access to health care.

Confirmed speakers

Guest speaker 
Dr. Craig Sable
Chief of Cardiology
Children's National Hospital

Dr. Sable has a strong commitment to global health that includes extensive clinical outreach, multiple research publications in rheumatic heart disease (RHD), world wide telemedicine experience, leveraging his long standing role as echocardiography director, educational portfolio mentoring over 75 fellows and other trainees and leadership roles in national and international committees and writing groups.
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Guest speaker 
Dr. Pallavi Vajinepalli
Group Leader Ultrasound Business

Dr. Vajinepalli is a Principal Scientist and Group Leader at Philips Ultrasound Research team. She has been working with Philips since 2007 after she completed her PhD in Computer Science and Engg from IIT Kharagpur. She leads a team of around 25 scientists and research engineers to innovate and develop first of the kind solutions for healthcare applications in the domain of ultrasound. 
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Guest speaker
Moaaz Hossam
Chief Business Officer

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Guest speaker
Delphine Germain
Senior Product Manager
Philips Cardiologs

Delphine combines a wealth of experience in medical imaging and AI cardiology solutions with a passion for using cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize patient care. She is currently Marketing Product Manager at Philips Cardiologs, the first FDA-approved AI solution applied to ECG analysis, and will share her perspective on the transformative role of cloud and AI technology in democratizing access to cardiac care.
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Guest speaker
Linda Koenig
Operations Manager
Philips Cardiologs

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Dr. Beatrice Murage
Senior Manager Access to Care
Philips Sustainability

Dr. Beatrice Murage, Global Senior Manager of Access to Care at Royal Philips' Group Sustainability, champions sustainable and equitable healthcare to communities globally. With ~ 15 years of expertise in healthcare leadership, social impact, and digital innovation, she guides strategy and implementation in varied markets. Additionally, Dr. Murage contributes her knowledge to organizations in an advisory capacity. A medical doctor with an International MBA and a Master's in Business Analytics & Big Data from IE Business School, Spain, her dedication to improving healthcare equity is evident in her multifaceted career.
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