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About us

Philips Foundation is a registered charity that was established in 2014 – founded on the belief that through innovation and collaboration we can solve some of the world’s toughest challenges and make an impact where it really matters.


Reflecting our commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages) and 17 (Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development), the mission of the Foundation is to provide access to quality healthcare for underserved communities through meaningful innovation.


We do this by deploying Philips’ expertise, innovative products and solutions, by collaborating with key partners around the world (including respected NGOs such as UNICEF, Amref and ICRC), and by providing financial support for the collaborative activities. Please send us an email if you would like a copy of our articles of association.

Contact us


 Philips Foundation
 Amstelplein 2
 1096 BC Amsterdam
 The Netherlands



Philips Foundation is managed by a Board of between three and seven members, with the majority of members being independent from Philips. The Board has full responsibility for the strategy, policies, performance and operations (including the management of funds) of the Philips Foundation. It also makes the final decision on all projects run as part of the Foundation’s disaster relief, community engagement and social entrepreneurship programs.


Philips Foundation management team consists of a director and program managers who oversee the daily activities of the Philips Foundation, alongside a communication manager and executive assistant. In addition, many Philips employees support the work of the Foundation on an ad-hoc or part-time basis.


The team reports to the Board of the Philips Foundation.


Board members

Ronald de Jong

Ronald de Jong


Chairman of the Board since 2014. Distinguished Professor of Practice Tilburg, and Retired Member Executive Committee Royal Philips. Ronald is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of TNO; and the Development Cooperation Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs – an independent body that advises government and parliament on foreign policy.

Ronald de Jong

Ann Aerts


Board member of the Philips Foundation as of 2021. Head of Novartis Foundation since 2013. Prior to joining Novartis as medical doctor, Ann worked many years at the International Committee of the Red Cross. Authored numerous publications on digital health, infectious and non-communicable diseases, and multisector partnerships that address global health challenges.

Ronald de Jong

Nancy Bocken


Board member of the Philips Foundation as of 2021. Professor in Sustainable Business at Maastricht University, Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI). Nancy is also Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and advisor to TNO. She co-founded her own circular and sustainable business called HOMIE.

Ronald de Jong

Allert van den Ham


Board Member of the Philips Foundation as of 2021. Allert was SNV Country Director Laos & Myanmar as of 2017. From 2011 until 2018 he was SNV’s CEO and chair of the Global Managing Board as well as Chairman of SNV USA.

Ronald de Jong

Robert Metzke


Board Member of the Philips Foundation as of 2020. Member of Philips’ Innovation & Strategy Management Team, and Head of Sustainability as well as Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy at Royal Philips.

Ronald de Jong

Liesbeth Rutgers


Board Member of the Philips Foundation as of 2020. Owner and Consultant at Triple R: Riskmanagement and Impact Investment Strategies. Supervisory Board of Stichting Pensioenfonds Wolters Kluwer Nederland and Stiching Burgerweeshuis. Active Board Member of Jane Goodall Instituut in the Netherlands.

Ronald de Jong

Bernard van der Vyver


Board Member of the Philips Foundation as of 2021. An entrepreneur and investor with over three decades of experience. Bernard was involved in several successful start-ups in his career. In 2005, he joined Deloitte Consulting as a partner and Global Lead of the Talent Strategies and Learning Solutions Practices. Since retiring from Deloitte in 2021, he continues his focus on workforce and people strategies as an entrepreneur.

Management of the Foundation

Margot Cooijmans

Margot Cooijmans


Director of the Philips Foundation. Pursues sustainable access to quality healthcare for underprivileged communities through meaningful innovation in an entrepreneurial way, as the executive member of Philips Foundation's management team.

Anoushka Bold

Victor de Boer


Program Manager at the Philips Foundation. Identifies local projects, together with Philips’ country offices, that aim to provide sustainable impact and scalable solutions to reduce health inequality in disadvantaged communities through the use of Philips innovations and expertise.

Koen Joosse

Eddine Sarroukh


Innovation Lead of the Philips Foundation. Explores health technologies such as telehealth, point-of-care diagnostics and dedicated solutions for low-resource settings, with the aim to build the evidence and insights that can help create a platform from which healthcare solutions can scale to larger impact in a sustainable way.

Victor de Boer

Yannick Eshuijs


Communication Manager of the Philips Foundation. Leads both internal and external communications of the Philips Foundation, in strategy and execution, to fulfill its mission to reduce health inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities.



Set up in 2014, Philips Foundation received start-up capital from Royal Philips, which has provided annual funding for the Foundation since 2015. Additionally, Royal Philips offers in-kind funding through the provision of expert volunteers, community volunteers, products and services. It also provides office space, IT and travel support, and hosts the Foundation’s website.

Allocation of resources


Philips Foundation funds, supports and initiates local projects where a Royal Philips country organization is present and will be able to assist in localizing community development initiatives.


Performance monitoring


As an independent, registered charity in the Netherlands, with ANBI status, Philips Foundation operates in accordance with charity regulations. All partners of the Philips Foundation are required to define KPIs and report on the progress of joint projects at the end of each quarter. Additionally, Philips Foundation follows its own transparent, KPI-led reporting process to ensure the best allocation of funds and resources.

Financial reporting

Policy Plan


Philips Foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI)

Philips Foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI)

You are about to visit a Philips global content page

You are about to visit the Philips USA website.

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