Expanding healthcare access one project at a time

Initiatives aiming to improve health equality on the national level identified by Philips offices in collaboration with local NGOs

Philips’ country offices identify projects that aim to provide sustainable impact and scalable solutions to reduce health inequality in disadvantaged communities through the use of Philips innovations and expertise. Guided by the Philips Foundation, these locally relevant initiatives are carried out in collaboration with NGOs. Since the launch of the Philips Foundation in 2014, over 120 of these projects have been set up across the globe.

Expanding healthcare access one project at a time
Annually, 18,000 women in Poland develop breast cancer while the waiting time for an ultrasound at public healthcare facilities can take up months. Thanks to respected partners, the Philips Foundation was able to secure 1,000 ultrasounds for women in Poland. In addition, workshops were organized for women living in rural areas on the importance of self-examination, alongside nationwide training of selected gynecologists to expand access to breast examinations up to 350,000 a year.
The Philips Foundation has launched the Clean Air for Schools program. A program that  helps schools to improve air quality as well as to understand the impact of air pollution in schools by studying the varying levels of air quality in classrooms and how this affects children’s health and academic performance. Through tailor-made teaching resources that support the national curriculum and the installation of Philips air purifiers in classes, the Philips Foundation and partners monitor the changes in air quality.
Work-related disorders constitute a major occupational and public health issue in Japan, since the country has some of the longest working hours in the world. A reason for the Philips Foundation to have organized and hosted events to improve the health of Japanese citizens by working closely with local governments in four prefectures: Sapporo, Yamanashi, Sendai and Okinawa. Each focusing on different health conditions that are less well known but can have significant impact on people's quality of life.


The Philips Foundation provided funds and equipment to support La Liga Contra el Cáncer in a campaign aimed at raising awareness for prostate cancer. In Colombia, more than thirty workshops were held, which aimed to educate communities on the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and screen men for the disease. Education is important as prostate cancer in Colombia continues to increase over the years and has become one of the most common ailments in men over 60 years of age.
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A vast array of resources, skills and innovative technologies have been and continue to be invested by the Philips Foundation in support of resolving the access to healthcare challenges of our lifetime.


Mark Leftwich

Market Leader Philips UK&I

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